Kolbe Construction Services, Inc. projects range from office remodels of a few hundred square feet to large corporate projects of more than 100,000 square feet. Whether small renovations and design modifications to full-scale build outs, new builds, and historic restorations, KCSI provides the necessary consultation, direction and services to ensure value, quality and customer satisfaction.

KCSI's original mission of providing outstanding services and competencies to every client at affordable prices has earned them a reputation as one of the best renovation contactors in the Central Ohio area. From beginning to end, KCSI’s highly-trained staff is committed to clear communication and superior workmanship to each client and project. At all stages, the KCSI project manager liaises with the client, keeping them informed of progress. KCSI offers a number of client services, each highly regarded within the industry:

Keeping up with new technologies and changing space needs often makes structural renovation not just an option, but a necessity. Whether your facility requires a partial upgrade or a complete facelift, the KCSI team will put the best craftsmanship, safety, and value into each phase of the project. Just as important, KCSI is highly sensitive to the daily operational needs of clients. When planning and organizing projects, the KCSI team works closely with your organization to ensure the flow of services and products are met with minimal disruption or inconvenience. "I believe we're better than anyone in Columbus at doing occupied office renovations. Large tenants who have been in their offices for 10 years and are ready to tear down walls and rebuild call us. We go in after hours and work while minimizing mess and staying in complete contact with our clients. In this regard, I don't think there's anybody better than us. When it's all over, you're going to be thrilled." -Dave Kolbe

In the world of new construction, quality, speed and cost make all the difference. KCSI leverages the experience and knowledge of its expert team of estimators, project managers, superintendents and carpenters to deliver superior projects on time and on budget.

As a leading Central Ohio builder, we offer new build services including Building Additions and Ground Up Construction. Combining our real-world knowledge and advanced technology tools help us to achieve better control over every aspect of construction. During the production phase of a new facility or the design and construction of a sustainable building, our on-site staff of experienced and knowledgeable builders will act as the owner's eyes and ears, interacting closely with the project team throughout the process.

When KCSI is on the job, our customers enjoy the benefits of our valued industry relationships and reputation regardless of the job’s size. We strive to create innovative and cost effective solutions for even the most complex new construction challenges. From the preconstruction stage through completion, we guarantee faster and safer execution by managing every aspect of your project.

Clients rely on KCSI to select and contract with various subcontractors for plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc. Doing the best job for clients sometimes requires some non-traditional approaches. KCSI presents various options, including competitive bidding, value engineering and time-and-material contracts that may help reduce the costs or shorten the construction timeframe. While there are many variables in the general contracting arrangement, there are also many constants when working with KCSI. You can expect constant communication on project status, adherence to a well-conceived and deeply detailed construction schedule, thorough training and monitoring of safety procedures and a well-managed construction site.

KCSI’s value engineering work when performed early in the design process has repeatedly produced results that maximize our client's program while maintaining or improving the construction budget. The KCSI team ensures value engineering takes place continuously through the design process to avoid ending up with costs that are over budget.

Construction management is a process involving many people and the professionals at KCSI never lose sight that we represent our clients’ best interests. The KCSI team identifies and resolves issues before construction begins. In addition, we prepare independent cost estimates and review the ongoing design for potential cost savings. During construction, the KCSI team closely monitors project progress including payments, scheduling issues, change orders and other factors affecting cost and implementation.

Throughout the process, KCSI team members interact regularly with our design partners and trade contractors to ensure projects receive the very highest commitment to quality workmanship and attention to our detail.

KCSI’s team strives to ensure their work on Turn of the Century projects are historically accurate while attending to all details of building codes. A large part of restoration costs can be attributed to finding and manufacturing materials and KCSI’s relationships with industry manufacturers create a cost-effective strategy to match the original building features. Working closely with the client to completely understand the history of a Turn of the Century modification project allows the KCSI team to deliver spectacular results while maintaining the structure’s heritage.

Successful, on-time completion of your project depends on close cooperation between the architect and builder. A tightly integrated architect/builder relationship with constant and open communication creates the most effective project team. That relationship can best be created by relying on KCSI for design/build services.

Being involved from concept through completion, and working directly with the architect as a member of our team, we are in the best position to identify time and money-saving opportunities, eliminate redundancies, avoid progress delays and reduce design/management costs. Working with architect Dan Keiser of Keiser Design Group (KDG), KCSI develops a scope of detailed needs and expectations from the client before a single phase begins. The highly creative and motivated Architects at KDG bring their vision for design excellence together with the KCSI team to execute a perfect strategy.

"We are extremely proud of our reputation as an ethical and moral company. Partnering with the KCSI team allows us to share the same commitment to excellence mission while providing our expertise and helping our clients dream big." - Dan Keiser

If you are interested in following green building principles on your next project, the KCSI team will work with you to take advantage of renewable resources and utilize building materials from local sources. The KCSI team can select rapidly renewable and low-impact building materials and reduce the amount of material going to landfills by recycling during construction.